We sell, repair and are distributors for commercial equipment like the Drain Vac ‘’Automatik’’ line, The Cyclo Vac HD series, NILFISK and Johnny Vac/ GHIBLI wet dry machines amongst others.

We have all kinds of machinery available for commercial and industrial needs.

  • Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners of all sizes
  • Floor polishers and scrubbers for all kinds of floors
  • Commercial and Industrial strength central vacuum cleaners
  • Back Pack vacuums
  • Automatic Hand Dryers
  • Large area sweepers of all sizes

We keep in stock a large variety of commercial grade cleaning products for a big job at the house, the business place or a big factory.

for the Home, Business, Industry

  • Degreasers, floor cleaners, hand soap
  • Mops and Mop buckets
  • Window cleaner and Stainless steel cleaner
  • Floor wax and Floor wax stripper

We also carry a whole line of professional high quality ‘’Detailing’’ products for your car or fleet of trucks.

Malco waxes, polishes and specialty cleaners are available at our store.

  • Carwash soap with wax
  • Waxes, tire cleaners, tire dressing
  • Truck washing brushes, wash mitts
  • Shammy wringer, squeegees and detailing cloths