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For almost 40 years now, a family run business has been on Grande-Île street in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, for the last 22 years under the moniker of Aspirateurs Valleyfield inc.

That dynamic, service oriented business, founded and run by Émilien Lapierre from 1980 is now under the direction of his son Marco, who’s been at the shop for over 33 years and counting…

Aspirateurs Valleyfield offers a large variety of products, equipment and services for cleaning everything from the house, the business place, the large factory and even the car and truck.

We are specialized in the sale and the repair services for canister or central vacuum cleaners from the home systems all the way up to the big industrial type equipment.

Get expert advice from us before you buy any vacuum system, you will be satisfied with your investment. Save money and aggravation with a good product.


For builders and engineers

Everybody needs a vacuum cleaner and a good one, vacuum cleaners come in all sorts of models and types. When you come and visit us at Aspirateurs Valleyfield, you can get a better idea of what type of vacuum you need and what options are available depending on the size and content of what you have to clean (house or business)

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen a big evolution in both the central vacuum and canister vacuum systems, getting smaller but with more power and better filtration to keep away the dust particles from coming back.

Come visit us for a high quality system for anything you have to clean, big or small.

Give us a call with a project you have and we’ll help you decide which product would be a good choice for your specific needs, house or industry.


To help even more our customers, we sell ‘’Professional Quality’’ cleaning products from our Parall Z99 extra strength degreaser to glass cleaners, mops and more…

For the car enthusiast, we carry everything you need to ‘’baby’’ your pride and joy, soaps, Malco waxes, polishes, metal polish, wash mits, Leather conditioner etc…

Come and visit us soon. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Marco Lapierre

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    Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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