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Here at Aspirateurs Valleyfield, you can bring your defective vacuum cleaner for a free evaluation of the repairs needed to have your vacuum in working order, we will explain the problem and offer you different solutions either to repair the machine because it is a quality machine or change it if it isn’t worth the amount of money to fix it correctly. We repair most brands, no matter if it is a small house vacuum or an industrial one.

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Cleaning products

We sell all the commercial quality cleaning products that you need for the house, the business or the big factory, from cleaners for the floor, like soaps, degreasers and floor wax all the way to the cleaner for the whole bathroom like toilet and shower cleaners etc… We also carry a great line of MALCO detailing products for either the professional car detailer guy or just the average car loving guy who likes to keep his car looking like new!

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Commercial Equipment

For the BIG cleaning jobs, large storage places or big factories and industrial needs, we have everything you need to do the job, we have many distributors that offer a large variety of commercial and industrial equipment from floor scrubbers to floor polishers to large area vacuum cleaners, give us a call and tell us what you want to clean.

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Marco Lapierre111 rue Grande-ÎleSalaberry-de-Valleyfield J6S 3M5

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37 years of service

familleFor 37 years now, a family run business has been on Grande-Île street in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, 30 years experience in the vacuum business and for the last 20 years under the moniker of Aspirateurs Valleyfield inc. That dynamic, service oriented business, founded and run by Émilien Lapierre from 1980 is now under the direction of his son Marco, who’s been at the shop for over 30 years and counting… Aspirateurs Valleyfield offers a large variety of products, equipment and services for cleaning everything from the house, the business place, the large factory and even the car and truck. We are specialized in the sale and the repair services for canister or central vacuum cleaners from the home systems all the way up to the big industrial type equipment. Get expert advice from us before you buy any vacuum system, you will be satisfied with your investment. Save money and aggravation with a good product.

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